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Scheme of work (word document)

Codecadmy Python course (homework is to get to lesson 20 by the end of this term but if you do more you will be a better programmer)

Thenewboston video tutorials  (good if you need a bit of extra help understanding a concept)

Lesson 1

Introduction to the course – year 9 / AQA spec

Why being able to code is great / important

Introduction to Python / similarities and differences with small basic

Ways in which to learn Python if you are stuck or unsure of something

Codecadmey Homework for half term

Lesson 2

Open python IDLE shell do a few little maths and variable things within the shell

Open a new python file

Input and output a variable

Camel case for variables

Functions – what they are, parameters and importing modules / libraries

Simple program to enter name and some numbers and output numbers added together

Strings – ‘he/’s the man’ single quotes and adding strings and concatenation

Data types

String to int and int to string

Lists  - making and selecting

Strings as lists

Lesson 3

If functions




Nested if

Random numbers

Own program (exam grades, best tv show, love cal, magic 8, baggage handling cost, heads or tails)

Lesson 4


For x in range(0, 100)

Own program (Print 1 – 100, in 2, 8-20 in 3s, time tables, )


Lesson 5 and 6

Using loops and ifs to create some text based programs

Only print positive numbers in a list

Only print names beginning with A from list

Text File handling - get list from text file cities, save result in text file

comments - self assessment submission on itslearning.com

Lesson 7 and 8

In pairs - with little help from teacher

Create a double or nothing program  

Extend to include a score board

Lesson 9 and 10

Higher or lower program

Maze  game -

import time

print("You are trying to find your way through a maze to the centre where ")

print("there is a pot of gold!")

print("What you don't know is that this is a dangerous maze with traps and hazards.")


print("Starting maze game ...")


print("You enter the maze...")

time.sleep(2) # time.sleep is just used to build up the suspense!

print("You reach a opening in the wall and go through it...")



print("You can go left (L) or right (R)")

answer = input("Make your choice ... ")

print("You chose",answer,"... what will happen? ...")


print("You turn the corner...")


print("You walk forward a few steps...")


if answer == "R":

    print("...and fall down a trap door and are never seen again....")


    print("...and see a beautiful grassy path lined with trees with a pot of gold at the end!")

Maze using functions

Christmas python


# take height of tree in lines and store in a variable

# loop the height of tree times

    # work out the amount of space to have a the front of the printed line


    # work out the number of stars to have after the space


    # print the space and then the stars on a line



12 days of Christmas

# list of all the presents (verses)

verses = ["and a Partridge in a Pear Tree" ,"2 Turtle Doves", "3 French Hens","4 Calling Birds","5 Golden Rings","6 Geese a Laying","7 Swans a Swimming","8 Maids a Milking","9 Ladies Dancing","10 Lords a Leaping","11 Pipers Piping","12 Drummers Drumming"]

# list of the days

days = ["first", "second", "third", "fourth", "fifth", "sixth", "seventh", "eighth", "ninth", "tenth", "eleventh", "twelfth"]

#reverse the list of verses

#loop twelve times

    #print " on the ???? days of xmas my true love... where the ??? is an element from the days list

    # add a loop inside the loop for the verses


        # work out which verse to print out (this loop minus the other loop cycle)

        # print out that verse


    #print a blank line

# if you get it working make the first line of the first verse not contain the word "and" at the start